Service Payment

Lease Extension



    By buying this item, you are paying for Regency's expertise and for the management of your Lease Extension. We offer a discounted all-in price for dealing with the whole process for you, from initial valuation right through to completion of the extended lease.


    Unlike many other management companies where fees may be charged to the lessee for each and every question that is asked, as part of this initial fee we will also answer all queries that the solicitors may have and will endevaour to provide any documentation required for the extension of your lease. We spread the cost to you over three stages, each stage having a fixed fee so you always know where you stand in relation to costs.

    1. Valuation.

    2. Tenant's Notice.

    3. Completion.

    Lease Extension


    Subsequent to your payment requesting Regency Leasehold's management of your Lease Extension, please proceed by downloading the PDF document on the next page and return to us via email or by post to begin the process. Our contact details are as follows:


    Postal Address: The Beechwood Centre, 40 Lower Gravel Road, Bromley, Kent, BR2 8GP