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Machines aren't the future...yet! Our staff keep in regular contact with our clients to ensure they get the service they require and are always on hand to answer any queries you may have.

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Lease Extension

Many consider the need to extend a property's lease as an economic burden. However, extending your lease provides an opportunity to change terms of your lease, remove the ground rent element, and drastically increase your property's value. To find out more about how extending your lease can benefit you, download our free lease extension guide by clicking the 'Free Guide' button below...

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Whether you're a serial property investor or a first-time buyer, we know that extending your lease can be a lengthy, stressful and expensive process. Regency Leasehold is here to save you time, money, and protect your health by managing the whole process for you from start to finish.

Regency Leasehold, with our unprecedented standards, experience, and as the sister company of Regency Estate Management - which has established itself as one of the South-East's leading property management firms - can ensure that we will achieve the best deal for you.


We promise that the service you receive will not only meet your needs but also exceeds your expectations!

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Don't know how to manage the lease of your investment?

See how we can help.

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How does your flat’s lease length affect its value? Click below to find out more.

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Fed up of having to consult with your freeholder to make changes to your flat?

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Want the right to take over the management of your property from the landlord?

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Any questions? See our FAQ page for answers to the questions keeping you awake at night.

Other Services...

What's the difference between a lease extension and freehold purchase? For more information, just click on the link below...

As collective enfranchisement specialists, we also offer the option of helping you purchase your freehold or managing your participation in the right to manage. It is our mission to ensure that the interests and investments of leaseholders are protected at a time when countless are being exploited by wealthy freeholders...

What is a right to manage? How could it help you? Click the button below to find out more...