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As specialists in lease extension management and collective enfranchisement, we have helped homeowners negotiate low premiums and have empowered them to take control of their investments.

Need to extend your lease but don't know where to start? Download our free lease extension guide below...

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What's the difference between a lease extension and freehold purchase? For our free guide just click on the link below...

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What is a right to manage? How could it help you? Read our free guide by clicking the button below...

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Company Values

We are passionate about protecting the interests of our clients and their investments in a time where countless leaseholders are being exploited by wealthy freeholders. Our care and compassion for our clients is what keeps people coming back to us.

At Regency Leasehold, with our unprecedented standards and the combined experience of our experts, we can ensure that we will achieve the best deal for you. The service you receive will not only meet your needs but also exceed your expectations.

Our dedicated and reliable team of professionals are dedicated to delivering affordable and high-quality leasehold enfranchisement services.

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Don't know how to manage the lease of your investment?

See how we can help.

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How does your flat’s lease length affect its value? Click below to find out more.

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Fed up of having to consult with your freeholder to make changes to your flat?

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Want the right to take over the management of your property from the landlord?

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Any questions? See our FAQ page for answers to the questions keeping you awake at night.


To ensure that our clients are the first to know about any developments in the UK property market, we regularly research mainstream and local media outlets and share their stories regarding pressing leasehold issues. Click on the link to find out more...

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